In a sea of audio-driven content, 40 Hz Media focuses on quality individuals and collectives who deserve higher acclaim. Unlike traditional marketing firms, our aim is to support these artists, labels, festivals, and brands, equipping them with the tools they need to better communicate their message. We anticipate that the success of the modern musician depends on building real connections through digestible content with real fans, as much as with traditional industry figures, in order to facilitate lasting relationships. Using new age promotional techniques combined with an interest in sociology and psychology, we strive to stay agile in a constantly evolving environment.

Publicity in this day is an ever-modulating beast, with no single defined way to generate hype. We use a combination of new age marketing and tried-and-true techniques to keep the buzz going about your spectacular project.

Artist Strategy
Each of our artists are valuable to us, and we aim to help equip them with the tools and knowledge to further themselves in the industry. From time saving tools to content planning, our ambition is to establish a web presence that can act as a springboard for the artist’s publicity.

Need a functional, pleasing website or eye-catching tour ad materials? We work with knowledgable, experienced partners to build and integrate everything your fans need into one location, and make it look pleasing in the process.

Digital Content Management
Spending too much time on the road, and need some help handling your bustling web presence? We offer social media and digital content management services to help save you time and keep your online world optimized.

Please contact us with music, your needs, and any relevant information to see if we can help you reach your goals!