Joe Mousepad Drops Smooth, Left Field Hip Hop Album “Levels”


From coast to coast, Joe Mousepad has earned a prominent place in the electronic music scene as a forward thinking vocalist, producer, and DJ. Engaging the listener on a variety of levels, he manages to simultaneously rap while playing his own original music during sets. His newest album "Levels" is a scrapbook of songs recorded in a variety of ways, yet tied together by the energy and vibe present throughout. The blend of genres is refreshing, original, and indicative of an artist who is … [Read more...]

Psymbionic Premieres Gorillaz Remix + EP Announcement Forthcoming on MalLabel


File Under: Drumstep / Dubstep / Remixes Release Date: March 20th, 2012 Downloadable MP3s: [Please feel free to blog/share] Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Psymbionic Remix) Stream: Soundcloud Today, Psymbionic unleashes yet another monster remix in the form of the Gorillaz cult classic "Clint Eastwood". This re-imagined version blurs the lines between drumstep and hip hop flavors, coming together to create a nostalgic crowd pleaser. Layers of distorted basslines contour around the … [Read more...]

Glitch.FM Sends Out Annual Recruitment Call for New Shows


Glitch.FM is a live-broadcast Internet radio station specializing in glitchy music. Each year, Glitch.FM sends out a recruitment call for DJs interested in starting up new radio shows. See it: Hear it: Support it: "Saturating Your Ears With Delectable Details" - it's Glitch.FM's mission to provide you with the freshest selection of music in the underground Glitch culture: Glitch-Hop, Mid-Tempo, … [Read more...]